What I Hope to Gain From ECMP 355?

I’m hoping to further my own technical skills, most notably my Internet skills, so that they are more efficient.  Most of my technical knowledge is based on my own problem-solving, so sometimes I am unaware of more efficient means of using this technology.

I’m also really, really hoping that we learn how to stay up-to-date with technology in our future classrooms.  I know that computers and other technical devices are always advancing at alarming rates, and I personally feel that if a teacher can’t keep up with technology, they won’t be able to use it to it’s full benefit, and the students could be missing out on a lot of educational aid.  For example, in high-schools today, some teachers are struggling with how to effectively use smartboards, and therefore can only bring themselves to use it as a glorified chalkboard.  Yet, if a teacher understands how a smartboard works, they can use it to bring about a more in-depth learning experience for the students.  One of the best ways I saw a smartboard used was in my Physics 30 class, where the teacher not only pre-typed all his notes and added lovely images, but added hyperlinks to Internet demos of physics experiments.  That definitely stuck with me, and it was all possible because the teacher was able to keep up with the advancing technology.  Are there any need-to-know techniques for this?

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