Blogging Plans for the Summer

I am aware that this blog has been rather inactive, and I think I’m going to leave it that way for the summer.  Once I’ve returned to studying Arts Education, I’m sure I’ll have something else to blog about here, but until then, the things I feel like writing about  have been rather irrelevant.  Check back here again come September for more posts.

 Fennel and Parsley

So, I’m doing what Dean, my ECMP instructor, said we might consider doing during the summer: branching off into a new blog with a new subject. Enter veg! my new blog on vegan cooking.  I originally intended to share my cooking through podcasts, however, since I started working full time, a blog fits into my spare time far easier.  I’m always cooking, so I’m sure I’ll always have plenty to post about.  Some posts will be discussing other people’s recipes that I’ve tried, and others will be about the things that I’ve invented.

So if you like food (or if you’re looking for a way to eat more vegetables), check out my new blog.  Otherwise, you’ll hear from me right here in September!  Bye for now.


One response

  1. Vegans (especially those who know shareski) unite!

    June 23, 2008 at 5:44 pm

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