A little about myself…

Earthly TiesEarthly TiesEarthly Ties

I am a first year Arts Education student majoring in visual arts and minoring in English literature education.  Although my focus is on drawing and painting, I am a big fan of all the arts and have dabbled in many of them.  I play electronic keyboard/piano, sing, am attempting to learn guitar from friends’ instructions, participated in high-school musicals including a leading role in “Fiddler on the Roof,” cartoon in my spare time, love digital photography (only I wish I could afford better equipment), and even sew costumes.  I’m really hoping that all of this will lend to my being a versatile art instructor someday who can fuse together many different arts, and lend to finding opportunities for creativity in any situation.

Other interests include British Comedy (Blackadder, Faulty Towers, Monty Python, and the like), international film, the literary works of Canadian author Gail Anderson-Dargatz, the Green Party (I am currently a member), folk music (Paul Simon, Sarah Slean, Sarah Harmer to name a few), Taoism, hiking, travel (would like to get involved in international volunteer work in summer 2009), and gardening to name just a few.

 Please feel free to check out these links

my art site (wich currently only contains the pieces I inculded in one show, but will be updated with more works, old and new, later)

the Green Party, as well as the Youth Greens


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