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Mission 24, and My Lack of Posts

Any of you who frequent Photojojo have probably read the post on photography games already, but just in case you haven’t I would like to invite you to join a delightful game.

Of all the games that Photojojo posted, I thought that Mission 24 would be the most amusing.  You are given a mission key word at random once a week, and then you have to post a photo within 24 hours interpreting the mission.  I thought it would be a great creative brain stretcher.

On an educational note, wouldn’t it be great to create a similar game a a classroom level?

Join up for Mission 24, everybody!  You’ll see some posts by myself there soon (I’m not sure if they’ll show up as Nikki L., or l.nikki12).

Lastly, I would like to apologize if I made any of my subscibers assume I have stopped blogging.  I have obtained a summer job, and haven’t found nearly as much time to be on the computer lately (I check my emails and Google Reader, then turn it off).  Currently, it’s my day off, I’m still in my pj’s (despite it being around noon), and trying to catch up on my cyber activities.  However, I’m still around, so keep reading!


Comparing Photo Tools

Photojojo has once again lead me to a neat tool- a website that, in their words, “oldifies” photos. Check the Photojojo entry on how to use the site (as the site itself is in Japanese).

Upon seeing this site, my first thought was, couldn’t I do the same thing in a photoshop program myself?  Here’s some results to compare from different programs.

The original photo:

The photo edited in the Japanese site:

Photo Edited on Japanese website

The photo edited in Adobe Photoshop Express:

I played around with the black and white settings first, then added a sepia tone, softened it, and changed one of the brightness settings, I think.

 The photo edited in Corel Photo House

For some unknown reason, the ancient version of Corel I have doesn’t automatically do sepia, so it was a bit of a process to do (it involved turning it black and white, then playing around with the replace colours function).  I fiddled with the brightness and contrast, as well as the simplify colours feature, and then tried to add some faded, watermarked spots using a large, transparent white brush.

this is my attempt to oldify the photo in Corel Photo House

So what do you think? Which one’s the “oldifiedest”?  Any other recommendations for oldifying?  Does anyone know what kind of filter could be used to add scratch marks in Corel?

Four Photos Showing How My Mind Works

I love how digital editing allows us to change photographic images to suit our artistic needs.  For example, when I compiled these images, I wanted to create a certain intensity of colours, representing how vivid the world is from my perspective.  I altered the contrast and intensity of the colours using Corel Photo House, and compiled the images on a Power Point slide.
About Me

This was an assignment where we were to sell ourselves with four photos, and minimal text.  I chose to describe a bit about how I approach my artwork; an approach that I intend to carry over into my teaching career.