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Making a Difference, and Growing Smarter to Boot!

 Help end world hunger 

A friend ran across this site while searching for on-line games, and told me to check it out.  So I did, and upon playing for a bit, I realized that this was something that needed to be shared.  It’s a website called Free Rice, where you can play their on-line vocabulary-boosting game, and help to donate rice to poverty-stricken countries.  The money for the rice comes from the advertisements and sponsorships that are listed at the bottom of the page when you get a word correct.  So, in those few moments when you just want to waste time relaxing and playing on-line games after a hard day, you can actually be accomplishing something useful in this world.

Why stop at playing alone in your spare time?  For my fellow future educators, this could be a great classroom resource.  It’s a vocabulary exercise, and a social studies lesson all integrated into one.  It’s a way to let students feel like they really can make a difference in this world as an individual.  We have to remind students of this sometimes, especially when we start discussing some of the more dark and depressing facets of social studies.  Also, why not create a classroom-wide competition?  Small prizes could be awarded for students who obtain the highest vocabulary levels, or the most grains of rice.  Or the class could do a little statistics work, and create a classroom goal, such as feeding a certain number of people in one day when you add up the total rice earned by each student.  This could even be done at a school-wide level if one was very ambitious.

I should also point out that this game has levels for everyone.  All age groups should be able to play.

Please, take a look, play for awhile, and pass this website on.